Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never played before, do you teach beginners?  

Yes, beginners are our specialty! Our instructors will make you feel comfortable and start you with easy, attainable goals.

How often are private lessons?  

Most students come in for a 30 minute lesson once per week. 45 minute and 60 minute lessons are also available.  (see Lessons page)

How much are private lessons? 

$120.00 per month for a 30 minute private lesson once per week. Payment is due by the first of the month to reserve your time slot for that month. (see Lessons page for additional rates)

Are there any contracts or commitments?

No long term commitments - you simply pay month to month as long as you’d like to continue. 

What styles do you teach?
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Country, Metal, Church Music, Christian, Alternative, Emo, Punk, Funk, and Industrial Reggae Trance-Core (whatever that is!)

What will I learn in lessons?
Music fundamentals and songs of your choice, in any style you’d like! Lessons include all the things you need to know (technique, reading, etc.) and all the things you want to know (how to play your favorite songs)

What should I bring to the first lesson? 

If your instrument is guitar, bass, or ukulele, all you need to bring is your instrument.  Everything else you need is already at our office (amps, cables, etc).

Do I need to bring my amp?
No, we have amplifiers for you to use during the lesson. However, if the amp is new and you would like to know what “Gain” and “Reverb” means – feel free to bring it to the lesson and your instructor will help you get acquainted with your amp’s features.

Can parents/guardians sit in on lessons?
Absolutely! Our spacious teaching rooms have plenty of room.

How often should I practice at home?
A minimum of 30 minutes every day is recommended for steady improvement, but there is no limit - the more you practice, the more you will achieve.

I have this beginner video/book and the chords are really hard, am I just not cut out to play guitar?
No! Trying to learn chords before learning other technical basics gives a false sense of failure. We will guide you through some simple exercises to build strength and independence in the fingers that will make those chords more manageable.

I am an intermediate/advanced student but have hit a plateau; can you help me to achieve advanced goals?
Yes, our instructors can teach up to the professional level. Our students have gone on to win competitions, become music majors in college, and be in successful bands. No matter where you are, we can evaluate and keep you moving forward.

Vocal myth: I can’t sing at all now, so I must not be able to sing.
FALSE – with proper focus and practice, anyone can learn to sing well. Vocal cords are muscles that need to be strengthened and trained (just like your fingers do for guitar). In vocal lessons you will learn breathing, pitch, and tone; all of which will improve the sound of any voice.

Do you offer group lessons?
We only offer mini group lessons for family members/friends who want to take lessons together on the same instrument, in the same time slot.

What kind of payments do you accept? 

Chase Quick Pay, Zelle, PayPal, all credit/debit card, check & cash (see Payments Page)